Company Profile

DongJu United Capital Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "DongJu United Capital") was established in 2017, with its headquarter in Hengqin Free Trade Zone of Zhuhai. Its operational entity headquarter is in Shenzhen. The company is a mixed-ownership "cooperative company" jointly established by Orient Bangxin Capital Management Company Limited, Daye Trust Company Limited, Shenzhen Fengju Asset Management Company Limited and Dalian Financial Industry Investment Group Company Limited.

For the present, as one of the earliest operators in the non-performing asset industry in China, the company has always been adhering to the main business of non-performing asset management, actively expanding derivative businesses such as asset management, trusteeship and liquidation of problematic institutions, private equity investment, extensively absorbing various types of capital from domestic and foreign funds, trust funds and commercial banks, precisely exerting the combination effect of financial instruments, and actively participating in the operation of the non-performing asset market. With a vigorous posture, professional competence and diversified strength, the company can revitalize financial assets, resolve financial risks and maximize the benefits of investment returns with sustainability.

Over the years, the company has integrated multiple resources and maintained good partnerships with banks, financial asset management companies, trusts, securities and other institutions, while focusing on building its professional features and core strengths. The company has formed a professional team consisting of senior experts in many fields including non-performing asset disposal, banking, finance, taxation, and law. The company further developed a set of mature and efficient operation processes for the whole industry chain, comprehensively covering the selection and evaluation of non-performing asset projects, due diligence and pricing, investment and disposal, management and exit, featuring a robust and reliable capability of manage and disposal non-performing asset.

Looking ahead, the company will uphold the development philosophy of "Taking Root in China, Aiming at Global Market and Boosting Business for Clients", seize the opportunity of China's financial market entering a new normalcy, give full play to the role of financial bailout and counter-cyclical adjustment, further enhance the quality and effectiveness of service to the real economy, thereby building itself into a high-quality financial enterprise with worldwide insight. In the process of promoting industrial progress and economic development, the company will facilitate the innovation and growth of enterprises, achieve wealth appreciation for its clients, and develop a more diversified asset management and non-performing asset market at home and abroad together with all partners.

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    Handling various non-performing asset accumulation

Shareholder Profile

Orient Bangxin Capital Management Company Limited

Daye Trust Company Limited

Shenzhen Fengju Asset Management Company Limited

Dalian Financial Industrial Investment Group Company Limited

Founded in December 2013, Orient Bangxin Capital Management Company Limited is a joint venture jointly funded and established by Orient Bangxin Finance Holdings Company Limited and Bangxin Asset Management Company Limited under China Orient Asset Management Company Limited.

Relying on the powerful strength of its parent company's complete Financial Business Operation Permits, the company takes "Professionalism, Integrity, Morality and Innovation" as its core values. By focusing on the three missions of "Innovation, Profitability and Risk Control" since its establishment, the company has been centering its business on equity investment and fixed income investment. The company raises funds by means of private equity and asset securitization, and achieves its commercialization layout by means of terminal services, financial support, asset operation and capital operation.

The company is a non-bank financial institution approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and re-registered after restructuring the former Guangzhou Technology Trust and Investment Company.

With a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, the company is domiciled in Guangzhou, and has set up business management branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

The company obtained its Financial Business Operation Permit on 10 March 2011 and officially opened for business on 16 March 2011 with a renewed business license, and is permitted to engage in business activities approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission in accordance with appropriate laws, administrative regulations and other provisions.

The company was established after combining several previous project companies. As a professional company focusing on the acquisition, management and disposal of financial non-performing assets, the company has its headquarters registered in the Qianhai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen, China, and branches in multiple regions, covering more than ten provinces and cities nationwide.

The company has an elite team of talents with rich practical experience in econimics, management, law, finance and other economic fields, in addition to several high-quality cooperation platforms. The core leaders of the company include the forerunners in the sector of non-performing assets in China's asset management industry.

The company was jointly established by the interrnational renowned Japan's ORIX Group Holdings Limited, Dalian Sanhuan Holdings Limited, Dalian Construction Investment Group Limited and Dalian Rongda Investment Company Limited. The company was subsequently joined by Fengshou Industrial Investment Fund Center (Limited Partnership), a subsidiary of Beijing Shougang Fund, and Dalian Guangxian Enterprise Group Limited.

At present, the company has a registered capital of RMB 5 billion, and aim to set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Taking root in Dalian, laying out in the Northeast and exploring the whole country, the company feeds the regional economic development and gives back to the society.

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Organizational Structure

As required by The Company Law and other relevant laws, regulations and normative documents, the Company has established a good equity structure and a good corporate governance structure composed of the Board of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, supervisors, the Senior Advisory Board and the Investment Decision-making Board to standardize its decision-making and and day-to-day operation mechanism.

Company Milestones
Officially established in Hengqin Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai
Officially become one of the council members of the "China Non-performing Asset Management 50 Forum"
Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Liaoning Branch of China Orient Asset Management Company Limited and Dalian Financial Industry Investment Group Company Limited
Joined by a new shareholder - Dalian Financial&Industiral Investment Group Company Limited
Successfully acquired ORIX Real Estate (Dalian) Company Limited and jointly built the ORIX China Headquarters Building with a holding company of the ORIX Group in Japan
Funded the "First Non-performing Asset Trading Conference and the 3rd International Financial Forum on China AMC Development" in Dalian, Liaoning as one of the core co-organizers
Officially renamed from Zhuhai DongJu United Capital Management Company Limited to DongJu United Capital Management Company Limited