Team Profile

Talent is the key to enterprise development and the guarantee of business success.

DongJu United Capital has always been adhering to the talent concept of "Prioritizing Practical Experience and Motivating the Team", following the talent orientation of "Putting People First and Making the Best Use of Talents", and exerting the synergy of various talents through integration and scheduling, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of projects and the value of human resources.After years of efforts, the company has built up an elite team of experienced asset management practitioners, legal practitioners, accountants and other related practitioners.

The team has the following strengths:

Firstly, a high level of business competence, with rich industry knowledge, management experience and professional technical knowledge;

Secondly, a high ability to coordinate and schedule all kinds of affairs, integrating business, legal affairs and finance in one-stop service;

Thirdly, a broad vision of financial operations, and skillful operation of various financial instruments to efficiently achieve value goals.

Business Team

The core members of its business team have more than ten years of practical experience in the non-performing asset sector or related fields. They are mainly responsible for the operation and management of the company's non-performing asset projects, including but not limited to developing and maintaining non-performing asset projects and client resources, while docking with banks, asset management companies and other channel resources, exploring cooperation and investment opportunities, broadening the scope of asset disposal business, carrying out the activities of acquisition, due diligence, reception, operation and disposal of non-performing assets.

Attaching importance to building mutual trust and long-term relationship with clients, the team is committed to providing comprehensive financial services and technical support to assist clients in achieving their strategic goals of investment and development.

Legal Team

The company's legal team consists of senior judges formerly serving in the Intermediate People's Court and dozens of senior lawyers, specializing in financial risk control, with extensive experience in legal risk response and litigation, covering the fields of financial investment and disposal of non-performing assets, asset restructuring and bankruptcy liquidation, corporate contracts and debt disputes.

The team is mainly responsible for drafting, formulating and reviewing various contracts, agreements and other legal documents, conducting risk control and providing professional legal risk control solutions for the company's projects and contract compliance, and completing legal assessment, asset preservation, litigation, enforcement and other legal affairs involved in non-performing asset projects.

In addition, the company has multiple strategic cooperative law firms, working together to provide good legal resources for the company.

Finance Team

The company's finance team is headed by a senior accountant formerly serving as the head of the finance department in an internationally renowned accounting firm.

In its long-term development, the company has formed a well-qualified and professional finance team, which is mainly responsible for the company's financial accounting, taxation management, financial evaluation and review of investment projects, cost control, reconciliation of transactions, financial settlement and others.

During docking, communicating and evaluating the outsourced accounting firms, the team is responsible for managing and coordinating projects, participating in financial due diligence, assessing the result acceptance of accounting firms, as well as maintaining good relations with financial institutions and relevant parties such as taxation authorities, industrial and commercial administrative departments to create a good financial environment for the company's operation.