Service Description

Over the years, as a professional asset management service provider, DongJu United Capital has always been enterprising and innovative. Fully committed to financial service and focused on practical effects, the company's main businesses include the acquisition, management and disposal of financial non-performing assets, specialized asset management, covering non-performing asset management, financial asset management, trusteeship and liquidation of problematic institutions, and private equity investment, aiming to become a comprehensive financial service provider renowned at home and abroad.

Non-Performing Asset Management

Since its involvement in China's non-performing asset sector, the company has been adopting diversified methods to dispose of non-performing assets through resource integration with branches and partners across the country, effectively utilizing debt restructuring, asset restructuring, debt-to-equity swap, litigation for the right of recourse, asset transfer, structured transactions and other disposal methods for acquisition, due diligence, management, disposal and marketing of non-performing assets of banks, the four major AMCs and local AMCs. The company has successfully revitalized financial assets, resolved financial risks and maximized returns from the operation of non-performing assets.
At present, the scope of its non-performing assets management business has been extended from non-performing assets of banking and financial institutions to those of non-banking and non-financial institutions, non-performing assets acquisition and restructuring disposal for companies. The company has been well received with a good reputation based on its mature operation mode, professional disposal advantages, rich practical experience and excellent service quality.

Asset Management

Asset management and investment are the extension and supplement of DongJu United Capital's non-performing asset management, acting as an important functional platform for the company to provide diversified asset management services and investment and financing services to its clients.
The company is committed to building itself into a highly efficient asset management institution. By means of a sound and complete risk management system, diversified project management experience, a competent and efficient team of talents, the company rationally integrates its own resources to improve the overall profitability of the non-performing assets business, optimize the company's business and revenue structure, and attract investors from home and abroad to engage in the operation of China's non-performing assets and share the investment returns.

Trusteeship and Liquidation Business for Problematic Institutions

For problematic institutions in financial difficulties, DongJu United Capital provides trusteeship and rescue services, and continuously improves the standardization, systematization and automation of the trusteeship and liquidation business through the comprehensive use of professional disposal methods such as "Debt Restructuring, Asset Restructuring, Financial Restructuring, Corporate Restructuring and Market-based Debt-to-Equity Swap". The company has been helping problematic institutions and enterprises to get rid of their difficulties, revitalize their assets and enhance asset value, thus jointly realizing commercial interests.
The company has been entrusted by large asset management institutions for many times and has successfully completed the due diligence, assessment, trusteeship and liquidation of several enterprises and financial institutions, which has been highly appreciated in the industry.

Private Equity Investment

As a value creator in equity investment, DongJu United Capital provides private equity investment and value-added services for enterprises, and strives to explore the development of asset securitization, based on which many enterprises have grown into highly visible and powerful players in the industry.
Adhering to value creation and relying on its overall post-investment management capabilities, DongJu United Capital provides a full range of value-added financial services required at all stages and levels for the development of enterprises, including financial consultation, governance structure improvement, incentive mechanism optimization, business expansion and long-, medium- and short-term financing. Committed to comprehensively enhancing enterprise value and investment value, DongJu United Capital is an enduring partner trusted by international and domestic investors.

Business Layout

From December 2017 to the present, for better serving project parties and funders and extending the scope of business services, DongJu United Capital has set up several offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, Changsha and Wuhan, with business layout spreading across the north and south of China.

Business Processes

With its mature experience in project operation, strong marketing and execution capabilities accumulated over years in the sector of non-performing assets, DongJu United Capital has established a reasonable and rigorous business operation process to ensure that asset management business is performed efficiently and safely.


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