DongJu United Capital Changed the Dalian Project Company to Present a New Look

On May 9, 2020, DongJu United Capital held a press conference to officially change ORIX Real Estate (Dalian) Company Limited into DONGJU UNITED (DALIAN) PROPERTY CO.,LTD. and made new adjustments and a layout on the project management mode and procedure.

DONGJU UNITED (DALIAN) PROPERTY CO.,LTD. is a substantial capital restructuring project led by DongJu United Capital in Dalian. The Plot D02-02 Project of Donggang District, Dalian is a project of comprehensive strategic cooperation developed by Japan-based ORIX Group, China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd., Dalian Financial Industrial Investment Group and DongJu United Capital.

With its impact reaching Northeast Asia, the project is an urban complex serving as an International Financial Center, Sino-Japanese Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, Innovative Industrial Cluster Center and Citizens Fine Experience Zone. As a highlight of the emerging city, the project offers the following advantages:

1. A Portal Landmark and a Regional Core

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, the project is adjacent to the International Convention Center where the Summer Davos will be held and the romantic and leisure resort Oriental Water Resort. Supported by the amenities of an high-end international region, a 3D traffic network and unblocked rare seaview resources, the project has a total area of 25,000 m2 (12,500 m2 for each building), and a gross floor area of 246,457 m2.

2. A Top Commercial Platform Leading the International Commerce of Northeast Asia

The project is positioned as an international Grade A office building, which is jointly designed by KPF from the United States, IMA, KKE and KSSK from Japan and CSCEC from China according to the world-class commercial standards, and is benchmarked against the famous domestic buildings such as the China World Trade Center Phase III and Shanghai Jinmao Tower.

The project is constructed in accordance with the domestically-leading and world-class architectural quality and the seismic standards of Japan. The floor load ratio is more than twice the domestic standard, fully satisfying the needs of financial customers. The 202m high unit type double-layer hollow laminated super white full glass curtain walls are elegant, transparent and eco-friendly.

3. A Key Urban Project Serving the Local Economy

As one of the 100 major projects designated by Dalian in 2020, the project is responsible for promoting the high-quality development of urban economy, effectively improving the modern service industry level in Dalian, and effectively playing the role of the ballast stone for major projects and key projects.

Meanwhile, it is also of great significance to develop the headquarters economy in Dalian, improve the city’s functional supporting facilities, give full play to the advantages of financial linkage and serve the local economy. The project has received high attention and wide attention from Liaoning Provincial Government, Dalian Municipal Government and media from all walks of life. Tan Zuojun, Secretary of CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, and Cheng Yonghua, former Chinese Ambassador to Japan, led a team to the site successively to help with the project development and construction.



4. A New Urban Landmark with Gathering Capacity and Regional influence Influencing Northeast Asia

The project in Zone B enjoys absolute geographical, commercial, cultural and ecological advantages. The experiential commercial activities themed by office operation, community, brand, entertainment and health provide professional quality and a brand guarantee for tenant enterprises and institutions.

The project relies on the interactive and synergistic effects stimulated by operation of the headquarters building, focuses on financial services, industrial operation and industrial investment, and aims to build a comprehensive financial and business center that gathers large-sized financial institutions and influences Northeast Asia. It’s to be built into an urban landmark with gathering capacity and regional influence based on world-class quality!

After the name change, the project company has adjusted its working mode in time.

In terms of internal management, efforts have been made to further improve and refine the project management system, and clarify the management procedures for smoother and more efficient project management; the internal division of labor and responsibilities has been further defined, and the standardized and orderly work order of message transmission, solidarity and cooperation has been established; meanwhile, the internal professional quality training of the team, and the learning of drawings, industry laws and regulations has been strengthened.In respect of external cooperation, the project company has strengthened the cooperation and coordination of all relevant units, gone deep into the construction sites and focused on project commencement, and advanced with relevant units; the management measures for the application and approval of contract project funds and the negotiation of design changes have been formulated, and the systems for the exchange of official letters, job contact lists, transfer sheets and other related data have been further standardized; the adjustment of the working mode of the project company has facilitated the leapfrog construction advancement of the main works of the project and gained a new look. 

In June, the main structure of the podium of the project in Zone B was capped; the construction of the main body on the ground was in full swing, and 17 floors of the main structure of the tower were completed.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, the project was temporarily suspended. Thanks to the government’s high attention and wide attention, the concerted efforts of DongJu United Capital company team, and the cooperation and coordination of all relevant units, the project resumed its construction in March.

In the face of the new situation, the project team will rise to new problems and solve new contradictions with an updated outlook, and strive to build the project into a comprehensive financial and business center with strong regional influence, gathering international influence and influencing Northeast Asia with a new working style, so as to make it a new highlight among Northeast Asian cities!