DongJu United Capital Dalian Project Started to Show its Majesty with the Height of Corewall for Tower Construction Exceeding 100M

With the successful pouring of the 22/F corewall for tower construction on July 13, 2020, Donggang District Plot D02-02 Project (ORIX China Headquarters Building Zone B Project) started to show its majesty at a height exceeding 100M. The Project is a new landmark building and a key construction project of Dalian invested and developed by DONGJU UNITED (DALIAN) PROPERTY CO.,LTD. Now on the fast track of rapid project commencement and excellence creation, the project is heading toward topping-out of the main structure. Scaling another 100M after 5 months, the project is expected to accomplish the topping-out of the 41-floor main structure at the end of the year.

Since the work commencement this March, the project has been under intense construction. The managerial staff of the construction participants have been making detailed plans to meet the construction schedule, and the workers of the steel bar, woodworking, concrete and hydropower teams have been busy working together to construct the building.

In June, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co., Ltd. Organized the labor contest and excellence creation activities at the construction site, greatly stimulating the production enthusiasm of the majority of construction staff. With the joint efforts of all construction participants, the construction height of Zone B exceeded 100M on July 13. Now the project construction is in full swing, heading toward the topping-out.

Prioritizing Both Epidemic Prevention and Control and Progress of Works

A review on the construction process of Zone B reveals that the construction of the building gathers the painstaking efforts of countless people and breaks through multiple difficulties. The project was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. To ensure the smooth progress of the project, DongJu United Capital Dalian Project Company worked with Dalian Municipal Government to make all-round epidemic prevention and control efforts, build a strong epidemic prevention and control and safe production defense line, and always put the life and health of project construction personnel first.

Meanwhile, the project company takes process assessment and node execution as the starting point to comprehensively assess safety, quality, schedule and cost. Through scientific and reasonable resource organization plan, the project company strengthens management and plane coordination, optimizes the organization of various processes, focuses on quality, construction period, management and safety. The construction progress is advanced by maintaining the control points on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to steadily advance towards the set goal.

Building a New Engine, a New Landmark and a New Signature Sight for Regional Development

In consideration that the Plot D02-02 Project in Donggang District is a key regional construction project, DongJu United Capital is committed to building it into a high-level commercial facility for international financial institutions updated for 30 years according to international standards, a high-quality modern urban complex in the core area of Donggang CBD, a new landmark and a new signature sight representing the coastal city image of Dalian. Upon completion, the project will further optimize the financial industry structure of Dalian, improve regional supporting facilities and urban functions, and enhance the investment environment.  

The finely built bricks and tiles, the well-organized construction site and the towering reinforced steel bars speak of the inexhaustible pursuit of building quality of DongJu United Capital. More resources will be introduced to meet the functional requirements of such customer groups as foreign-funded enterprises and domestically famous enterprises from a more international perspective, make the project a new engine for the economic development of Donggang Business District, and draw more outstanding enterprises to Dalian.

The structural height of the tower now exceeding 100M has given all sectors of the community paying close attention and supporting DongJu United Capital greater confidence and expectation on the project. The change of perspective from looking down to looking up is a recognition of the efforts that the project team has made day and night. From the starting point of 100M, the project team will continue to go all out to overcome difficulties and make a dash for the final victory.